MySQL Math Functions

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MySQL Math Functions

This page covers all the MySQL Math functions with their descriptions for reference.

ABS()Returns the absolute value of a number
CEIL()Returns the smallest integer value greater than or equal to the input number (n).
FLOOR()Returns the largest integer value not greater than the argument
MOD()Returns the remainder of a number divided by another
ROUND()Rounds a number to a specified number of decimal places.
TRUNCATE()Truncates a number to a specified number of decimal places
ACOS(n)Returns the arc cosine of n or null if n is not in the range -1 and 1.
ASIN(n)Returns the arcsine of n which is the value whose sine is n. It returns null if n is not in the range -1 to 1.
ATAN()Returns the arctangent of n.
ATAN2(n,m), ATAN(m,n)Returns the arctangent of the two variables n and m
CONV(n,from_base,to_base)Converts a number between different number bases
COS(n)Returns the cosine of n, where n is in radians
COT(n)Returns the cotangent of n.
CRC32()Computes a cyclic redundancy check value and returns a 32-bit unsigned value
DEGREES(n)Converts radians to degrees of the argument n
EXP(n)Raises to the power of e raised to the power of n
LN(n)Returns the natural logarithm of n
LOG(n)Returns the natural logarithm of the first argument
LOG10()Returns the base-10 logarithm of the argument
LOG2()Returns the base-2 logarithm of the argument
PI()Returns the value of PI
POW()Returns the argument raised to the specified power
POWER()Returns the argument raised to the specified power
RADIANS()Returns argument converted to radians
RAND()Returns a random floating-point value
SIGN(n)Returns the sign of n that can be -1, 0, or 1 depending on whether n is negative, zero, or positive.
SIN(n)Returns the sine of n
SQRT(n)Returns the square root of n
TAN(n)Returns the tangent of n

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