JavaScript BOM

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JavaScript BOM

The Browser Object Model (BOM) is the core of JavaScript on the web. The BOM provides you with objects that expose the web browser’s functionality.

Section 1. Window

  • Window – understand the window object.
  • Alert – display an alert dialog.
  • Confirm – display a modal dialog with a question.
  • Prompt – prompt the user to input some text.
  • setTimeout – set a timer and execute a callback function once the timer expires.
  • setInterval – execute a callback function repeatedly with a fixed delay between each call.

Section 2. Location

Section 3. Navigator

  • Navigator – query the information and capabilities of the browser using the navigator object.

Section 4. Screen

  • Screen – get the information about the screen on which the browser is running by using the screen object.

Section 5. History

  • History – manage the web browser’s history stack with the history object.

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