JavaScript Array Methods

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JavaScript Array Methods

This section provides you with the JavaScript Array methods that allow you to manipulate arrays effectively.

Section 1. Array properties

  • length property – show you how to use the length property of an array effectively.

Section 2. Adding / removing elements

  • push() – add one or more elements to the end of an array.
  • unshift() – add one or more elements to the beginning of an array.
  • pop() – remove an element from the end of an array.
  • shift() – remove the first element from an array.
  • splice() – manipulate elements in an array such as deleting, inserting, and replacing elements.
  • slice() – copy elements of an array.

Section 3. Finding elements

  • indexOf() – locate an element in an array.
  • includes() – check if an element is in an array.
  • find() – find an element in an array
  • findIndex() – find the index of an element in an array.

Section 4. High-order methods

  • map() – transform array elements.
  • filter() – filter elements in an array
  • reduce() – reduce elements of an array to a value.
  • every() – check if every element in an array passes a test.
  • some() – check if at least one element in an array passed a test.
  • sort() – sort elements in an array.
  • forEach() – loop through array elements.

Section 5. Manipulating Arrays

  • concat() – merge two arrays into an array.

Section 6. Creating Arrays

  • of() – improve array creation.
  • from() – create arrays from array-like or iterable objects.

Section 7. Flattening arrays

  • flat() – flatten an array recursively up to a specified depth.
  • flatMap() – execute a mapping function on every element and flatten the result.

Section 8. Arrays to Strings

  • join() – concatenate all elements of an array into a string separated by a seperator.

Section 9. Advanced Operations

  • Destructuring – show you how to assign the elements of an array to variables.
  • Spread operator – learn how to use the spread operator effectively.

Section 10. Accesing elements

  • at() – access array elements using both positive and negative indexes.

Section 11. Multidimensional Array

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