MySQL String Functions

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MySQL String Functions

This page shows you the most commonly used MySQL string functions that allow you to manipulate character string data effectively.

CONCATConcatenate two or more strings into a single string
INSTRReturn the position of the first occurrence of a substring in a string
LENGTHGet the length of a string in bytes and in characters
LEFTGet a specified number of leftmost characters from a string
LOWERConvert a string to lowercase
LTRIMRemove all leading spaces from a string
REPLACESearch and replace a substring in a string
RIGHTGet a specified number of rightmost characters from a string
RTRIMRemove all trailing spaces from a string
SUBSTRINGExtract a substring starting from a position with a specific length.
SUBSTRING_INDEXReturn a substring from a string before a specified number of occurrences of a delimiter
TRIMRemove unwanted characters from a string.
FIND_IN_SETFind a string within a comma-separated list of strings
FORMATFormat a number with a specific locale, rounded to the number of decimals
UPPERConvert a string to uppercase

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