Java Program to Multiply two Floating-Point Numbers

In this program, you’ll learn to multiply two floating-point numbers in Java, store the result and display it on the screen.

Example: Multiply Two Floating-Point Numbers

  1. public class MultiplyTwoNumbers {
  2. public static void main(String[] args) {
  3. float first = 1.5f;
  4. float second = 2.0f;
  5. float product = first * second;
  6. System.out.println("The product is: " + product);
  7. }
  8. }

When you run the program, the output will be:

The product is: 3.0

In the above program, we have two floating point numbers 1.5f and 2.0f stored in variables first and second respectively.

Notice, we have used f after the numbers. This ensures the numbers are float, otherwise they will be assigned – type double.

first and second are then multiplied using the * operator and the result is stored in a new float variable product.

Finally, the result product is printed on the screen using println() function.