Python Program for Topological Sorting

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Python Program for Topological Sorting

Topological sorting for Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) is a linear ordering of vertices such that for every directed edge uv, vertex u comes before v in the ordering. Topological Sorting for a graph is not possible if the graph is not a DAG.

For example, a topological sorting of the following graph is “5 4 2 3 1 0”. There can be more than one topological sorting for a graph. For example, another topological sorting of the following graph is “4 5 2 3 1 0”. The first vertex in topological sorting is always a vertex with in-degree as 0 (a vertex with no in-coming edges).


#Python program to print topological sorting of a DAG
from collections import defaultdict
#Class to represent a graph
class Graph:
    def __init__(self,vertices):
        self.graph = defaultdict(list) #dictionary containing adjacency List
        self.V = vertices #No. of vertices
    # function to add an edge to graph
    def addEdge(self,u,v):
    # A recursive function used by topologicalSort
    def topologicalSortUtil(self,v,visited,stack):
        # Mark the current node as visited.
        visited[v] = True
        # Recur for all the vertices adjacent to this vertex
        for i in self.graph[v]:
            if visited[i] == False:
        # Push current vertex to stack which stores result
    # The function to do Topological Sort. It uses recursive 
    # topologicalSortUtil()
    def topologicalSort(self):
        # Mark all the vertices as not visited
        visited = [False]*self.V
        stack =[]
        # Call the recursive helper function to store Topological
        # Sort starting from all vertices one by one
        for i in range(self.V):
            if visited[i] == False:
        # Print contents of stack
        print stack
g= Graph(6)
g.addEdge(5, 2);
g.addEdge(5, 0);
g.addEdge(4, 0);
g.addEdge(4, 1);
g.addEdge(2, 3);
g.addEdge(3, 1);
print "Following is a Topological Sort of the given graph"


Following is a Topological Sort of the given graph
5 4 2 3 1 0

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