PHP __callStatic

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PHP __callStatic

Summary: in this tutorial, you’ll learn about the PHP __callStatic() magic method and how to use it to make your code more flexible.

Introduction to the PHP __callStatic() magic method

PHP invokes the __callStatic() method when you invoke an inaccessible static method of a class.

The following shows the syntax of the __callStatic() method:

public static __callStatic(string $name, array $arguments): mixed

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The __callStatic() has two parameters: $name and $arguments.

When you call an inaccessible static method of a class, PHP will automatically invoke the __callStatic() method with the following arguments:

  • $name is the static method name.
  • $arguments is an array of arguments.

PHP __callStatic() magic method example

The following example defines a class called Str:


class Str
private static $methods = [
'upper' => 'strtoupper',
'lower' => 'strtolower',
'len' => 'strlen'

public static function __callStatic(string $method, array $parameters)
if (!array_key_exists($method, self::$methods)) {
throw new Exception('The ' . $method . ' is not supported.');

return call_user_func_array(self::$methods[$method], $parameters);

echo Str::lower('Hello') . '<br>';
echo Str::upper('Hello') . '<br>';
echo Str::len('Hello') . '<br>';

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Code language: PHP (php)

How it works.

The Str class a private static property called $methods. It’s an array that holds the mapping of the method name and built-in string functions.

When you call a static method that doesn’t exist on the Str class, PHP automatically invokes the __callStatic() magic method.

The __callStatic() checks if the static method name is supported by looking up the keys of the $methods array. It’ll throw an Exception if the method is not in the keys of the $methods array. Otherwise, the __callStatic() method will call the corresponding string function.


  • The __callStatic() magic method is called automatically when an inaccessible method is invoked.

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