Python Program for compound interest

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Python Program for compound interest

Compound Interest formula:

Formula to calculate compound interest annually is given by:

Compound Interest = P(1 + R/100)r

P is principle amount
R is the rate and
T is the time span



Input : Principle (amount): 1200
        Time: 2
        Rate: 5.4
Output : Compound Interest = 1333.099243


# Python3 program to find compound
# interest for given values.
def compound_interest(principle, rate, time):
    # Calculates compound interest 
    CI = principle * (pow((1 + rate / 100), time))
    print("Compound interest is", CI)
# Driver Code 
compound_interest(10000, 10.25, 5)
# This code is contributed by Abhishek Agrawal.

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